Victorian Gap

Hi all !
I have a weakness for Gap rose prints and though this sundress was my new size, the top was iffy... But since I couldn't resist, I knew it would either end up as a skirt or vested. I'm not sure what the straight top is called other than umpire, but it seems like an early Victorian style. I call it "early bar wench", Or perhaps just a bit too tight up top. Luckily, I had my scarf ...
Though Gwyneth does it much better ;)
I've had it for a couple months and maybe this fall a sweater will do it better justice, though I just saw a style I really like....
A super high waisted, but rounded upwards skirt with a skinny belt. Hmmm....
What'ya think? Skirt it?
( This was way before my list pledge, or it would have stayed in Goodwill! )
Though, Gap, Roses, Dress with Pockets?
(I'm not sure I'm that strong, yet :)
Sorry, I've been MIA for a couple days, but it was well spent in the woods :)
Nothing like a good trudge through the weeds and rocks!
SCARF: Walgreen's .50cents
SUNNIES: Dollar General Store / Earrings: JCPenny 1/2/off
WATCH: Swap gift


the Citizen Rosebud said...

That dress looks amazing on you! I can see why you fell in love with the print- it's gorgeous. The color the print and the fit- yum! I like how the tan belt kinda adds some tough girl country to the mix too! xo. -Bella Q

oomph. said...

i totally see its appeal. the print is beautiful and i love the color on you. i think it looks great with the vest.


Kasmira said...

Beautiful dress!

I think Gwyneth is pretty padded in that pic. I say celebrate the boobies!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love this dress and I am still in shock that the scarf was fifty cents at Walgreens, because when I first saw it, I thought oh she dropped some bucks on the scarf!! I really like it. Want to sell it for $2 plus postage!!

two birds said...

what a beautiful dress. and i think you look amazing in it...better than gwynneth!

sacramento said...

You look magnificent Reva,and inproving like the really good wines.
I love the dress and the way you wear it.
Do not skirt it. You could even wear it with a blouse underneath.
Much love.

Mary Lou said...

gorgous dress and you look so fabulous in it!!! i love this print and i love how you match it with that beautiful scarf, belt and boots!
love and kiss,mary

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Love the dress and I can so see it with a cardigan in the fall. Lovely.

cheeky curves said...

What a gorgeous print, love it

Anonymous said...

Ok, you just wear things well...& know what looks great on you. That is really an art. ~Mary

fashionoverfifty said...

I think the dress is just perfect--and good with the scarf and greater still with the vest!

The Style Crone said...

Beautiful dress and scarf. Your photos amaze me!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I don't blame you for grabbing it up, I would have too. I think it will be GREAT with a sweater this Fall :)

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Adore your dress, its just so pretty! Love how you styled it!

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wardrobeexperience said...

you look stunning in this country style outfit. i love every little piece of it.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

This dress looks so pretty on you Reva! I love the colors and the floral print.

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